The purpose of this site is for the documentation of building #351 Thatcher CX4 Aircraft. If you are not familiar with the CX4, go to Thatcher Aircraft, Inc. for more info.

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The Big "D"

Had some life changes which led me to delay this project. I am happy to finally resume building the little Thatcher!

Right Wing - Quickbuild

The  Quick-build wing goes together real nice!

Fuel Tank

Decided to spend the day cutting out the metal for the fuel tank!


Here is a picture of the horizontal stabilizer all primed and riveted. I will stop work here as you need the fuselage to make sure it is square!


I've been working on the spar for the stabilizer. Here are some photos after it's all drilled and clecoed. Peter Beck's spar is just slightly different from plans in that it uses some .032 aluminum bent over with doublers. Next - need to disassemble, debur, clean, prime and rivet!

Decided that I will use a spray can to prime some of the parts. Going to use this SEM Gray self-ething primer.


The purpose of this site is to document my project and share any knowledge I learn. The purpose of the project is to build my first homebuilt aircraft. Life is a journey and through this project I look forward to learning, meeting new people, and in the end having the satisfaction of flying my airplane!

The Thatcher CX4 is a great little airplane that was recently designed by David Thatcher of Thatcher Aircraft, Inc. Over 350 plans have been sold and I feel it is one of the best new designs in years.

This is definitely an “Old School” type airplane. A lot of folks try to over-power, over-instrument a plane when all they are going to do is fly around on a clear day. Sure, I like to do some aerobatics and pull some G’s but I always have loved just flying. The CX4 has graceful lines, great looks, agile handling, and affordability! This will be a great plane for my son, father, and me to fly!

Watch the above Movie but bigger!

The CX4 got it’s name from a Radio Show starring comic aviation hero “Hop Harrigan” - click below for a sample

Listen to the Show

About the Project

The Thatcher CX4 is a single seat sport airplane that fits the Light Sport Category. It is all aluminum with a fiberglass cowl and wing-tips. It is powered by an economical VW engine.

Since I have a full time job, I want this to be a good building experience. I ordered the quick-build kit from Peter Beck. I have a lot of support from friends at the local EAA Chapter 172 and I am sure I will need them during this project.

I plan on building exactly as laid out in the plans using pop-rivets for simplicity. It will be equipped with basic flight & engine instruments, radio, and GPS.